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It’s out of space! Any time you want to you can reach the stars at your own house. Now, the room may turn into space, and you may become astronauts to explore the universe. The Tektorado Space Rocket will take you to another dimension of fun! It lets you measure the speed of light and experience the zero-gravity of fun without even leaving your room. You may paint it, draw it, cut it or put stickers on it. Let’s start the countdown and reach the stars!

Foldable colouring spacecraft, is made of white, 5- layered, corrugated cardboard. Package contents: 1 colour and play spacecraft. Watercolours, brushes and crayons are not included.

Product number: 0008

package size:
98 x 59 x 6 cm
actual size:
105 x 105 x 169 cm

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